BLIND SHOOTOUT: One of the most exciting is the blind test function that you can use to find out which piece of gear in a shootout is your favorite without being influenced by seeing the brand or model of the gear.

We've made a whole load of presets up so you can hit the ground running, but encourage you to make up your own presets of some gear you would like to compare and see how you go.

MY VOTES: Once you have completed a run of blind tests you can check out your combined votes to see which was your preferred piece of gear.

LUFS: If you want to check out EQs we now have two options you can switch between, the sample with the band gained (e.g. +5dB) and the sample with the band gained but LUFS normalized.   LUFS normalization has some particular advantages when comparing EQs, but in certain cases it can be worth to switch to non LUFS version to get more of a sense of the curve of the EQ.

FIXED CONTROLS: click on this and the Play controls and playlist will move down to the bottom of the screen and sit there, so you can move around large shootouts and always see the controls.

SPLIT VIEW: lets you have more samples visible at a time on screen



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