Here's some of the outboard gear that has impressed us and we think you should know about


1. EKADEK - Custom built audio gear

Greg Brice is a custom gear designer who has developed an solid international client base thanks to the special sonic qualities of his gear and his boutique customised aesthetic.   Last year he dropped off one of his Fat Lady Vari Mu compressors for us to check out and see what we thought.   To say we were impressed with it was an understatement.   It is possibly one of the lushest and harmonically engaging compressors or limiters we have had the pleasure of playing with.   Compare it to some of the other high end limiters we have on the site and you will quickly hear why Ekadek made our top 20.

Introduce yourself to the FatLady in the player below

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Or click on this link to load up a player that you can add and compare other compressors and limiters.

Check out the rest of’s gear here, which includes kick ass mixers, preamps, EQs and all sorts of one offs, join his mailing list and see all the new and unique creations he produces.


2. Anything by Warm Audio

warm audio wa77


Warm have an extensive catalog of outboard gear from emulations to their own creations.
All extremely affordable and phenomenal value you for money - you really owe it to yourself to check out some of their gear.

We have an amount of their gear sampled into our players so go have a listen and see for yourself.
On our site we currently have
Warm Audio WA-76
Warm Audio WA-2A

And we have more on the way!

They also released a series of mics - We have not managed to get our hands on any of these yet but they have been getting some great reviews

Check out their site here

Listen in the players here



No confusing combination of letters and numbers for the name of this piece of of gear - it is just named exactly what it is.
it is just called the RNC
RNC stands for Really Nice Compressor
This unit isjust that - A really nice compressor (Maybe that's how it got its name......)

RNC1773 1

Such a cost effective space saver little outboard compressor.
The controls are super simple and layed out so well for such a small unit

Really clean and transparent - its a no brainer for the price.
At such a good price and size it ends up being such a versatile unit too.
Rack up a couple and take em out in your live rig. Hid one in the back of your gigging bass rig!

Check them out here

Listen to them in the players here



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