Brainworx bx limiter PL


A simple but effective low latency limiter with a great sound. Seemlessly blend from linked to unlinked mode for stereo mastering. Dry/Wet control to smash up drum beats, pull up vocal details in mixes, control bass sounds, etc.
The Stem-Limiter. A perfect mix-buddy. 

bx_limiter – The Concept. When you mix in the box it is important to structure your mix. To get your mixes out of the computer ‘loud & proud’ but grooving and without unwanted distortion, it is necessary to cut off peaks and transients in many different channels and stems (=grouped or summed audio channels). Don´t just limit on the master bus! After reading the manual you will want to use many instances of bx_limiter on a typical rock / pop mix. And still use a full blown mastering limiter (like our bx_XL V2) on your master channel. The basic idea is to determine EXACTLY how many dB of dynamics you reserve for every single dynamic signal in your mix. By limiting individual signals like bass drum, snare, lead vocals or bass you create more space and dynamic range for the overall mix.

The Basics of Dynamics.

Let´s assume you´re mixing a session which features 40 tracks of audio. That doesn´t sound too unreasonable, does it?

Do you have an idea of how many peaks you get? Per track. Per second. Especially if you´re mixing real drums, guitars, vocals, piano or even keyboards (if they were ‘played’ by a human being, not programmed or click-edited). The peaks will be unpredictable, they will have a wide range of dBs, and they will add up on the master channel.

The main limiter of the master bus will have to start pumping and distorting if you try to stop all these peaks in just one master channel, while aiming at the overall volume of your favorite major label CD production or Surround BluRay...


bx_limiter – The Facts

As you might already have noticed bx_limiter has a few non-standard controls. The little extras we put into the concept.

  • CPU-friendly but accurate limiter for Mono, Stereo & Multi-Channel signals
  • Low Latency of just 2ms or less (depending on sample rate & system)
  • Mix control (Dry/Wet). Blend processed & unprocessed audio
  • Seamless Channel Link: blend between unlinked and linked peak detection
  • Output Dim: adjust your output level conveniently in any mix session
  • 1-Click Fader Link (): drive signals into limiter while compensating level
  • XL = Saturation on board! Add that extra dB of perceived loudness
  • 4 Settings per preset: automate complex settings
  • 32 steps of Undo/Redo
  • Adjustable Release Times
  • Algorithms and features taken from the famous bx_XL V2 M/S Mastering Limiter!

We recommend using bx_limiter in several situations:
Traditional defeating of peaks
Just lower the Threshold to stop peaks at a defined level.

Maximizing the Output level
Just boost Gain until the output level hits 0dB.

Loudness Maximizing
Add that extra dB of perceived loudness using the XL saturation.

Sound Shaping / Extreme Effects
Drive signals or stems (=grouped audio signals) into the limiter and saturation effect heavily while keeping your stem levels in place.

Parallel Dynamics & Saturation
Overdo the settings of the limiter and the saturation effect heavily and blend the original signal with this effect sound to create vintage drum & vocal sounds or special effects of all kinds.

To shoot out a Brainworx-bx-limiter-PL please go to the Compressor/Limiter gear shoot out player



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