The Clariphonic is the world’s first and only two channel, fully parallel dual high-shelving equalizer. It was Kush's first completely original product design, and before long everyone from a-listers to bedroom warriors were putting it on every single mix they did. Many songs on the radio, and many that aren't, feature this eq's magic on the mix buss.

Parallel equalization may be new to you, but the underlying process is old hat: if you’ve ever bussed your drums to a compressor, smashed them into artful submission, then blended the result back in with your dry, pre-compressed drums, you know parallel processing. What makes the Clariphonic so special is that it performs the same trick with equalization rather than compression, and it does all of the bussing and blending internally so you don’t need to sweat multiple signal paths, latency issues, or any of the other small headaches that accompany parallel processing in the era of hybrid analog & digital studios.

When you couple this unique parallel architecture with a mastering grade signal path and marry it with an inimitable UBK interface, the result is a boutique equalizer unlike any other in existence. The ability to sculpt every aspect of the upper registers from 800hz – 38k gives you a form of treble control never seen or heard before, with an effect on the sound that is almost holographic in its depth and realism.

The Clariphonic produces a presence, sparkle, and air that everyone wants but few could traditionally afford to obtain.

If you want to listen to the Kush Clariphonic check it out in our EQ Shootout Player




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